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Further, Landscaper Cambridge has a team of expert Driveway Installers who can help you if you need to fix up your current driveway or want to put in a new one.

Moreover, our team has been successfully putting in block-paved drives for more than ten years.

Thus, when we build driveways, we use high-quality materials from trusted sources and modern tools and building methods.

Further, many people have no choice but to park their cars on the street. But if you have the room, a new driveway can keep your car safe. Moreover, increase the value of your property, and make your house look a lot better.

In addition, your driveway needs to be strong enough to hold up to the weight of your car every day, year after year. Furthermore, when a driveway isn’t built right, it’s usually because the foundation isn’t strong enough or because bad building techniques were used.

Correspondingly, many of the driveway projects we do are to fix mistakes that other builders made, like blocks that moved and made the driveway uneven. Additionally, when we build driveways, we go above and beyond what is expected to make sure they won’t sag even after ten years of use.

Also, we are happy to use the materials you choose to make a space that will last. Additionally, we can help you get the look you want by using Driveways Sets and Cobbles, Circles and Octants, Natural Stone Paving, and Concrete Paving.


Driveway installation Cambridge

Soft landscaping features

Besides, we can add important soft landscaping features to your driveway, such as low-maintenance planting plans, water features, and even automated lighting systems.

Moreover, we can take care of all of your driveway and landscaping needs, including patios, block-paved driveways, new tarmac driveways, concrete, gravel, landscaping and more.

In addition, if you don’t know which surface is best for your property, we can help you figure it out. Moreover, we always use the best products and work to a high standard. Above all, we are also reliable, clean, and organised.

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Driveway installation Cambridge - Gravel driveway

Cambridge Driveway installation:

Block Paving

Above all, Block paving has been used as a surface for many years. Also, its versatility and range of styles make it a good choice for many different kinds of properties. Therefore, block paving is one of the most popular surfaces on the market because it is so durable and comes in so many different colours and patterns.


Resin bound gravel

In addition, in the past few years, resin-bound gravel has become a very popular choice for driveways, patios, and paths in both homes and businesses.

Thus, this can be put down as a new surface, or if a good surface is already there, this can be put down on top of it.

In summary, this permeable surface is a winner on many levels. Because it has the familiar look of gravel and a new, modern feel. Furthermore, the stones are set in place so they don’t move to other areas.

Gravel driveways

Moreover, the entrance to your home can still have a lot of character with a classic driveway. This solution is probably the least expensive surface on the market. In addition, a Geotextile membrane is put down to stop the ground from sinking. Although, sometimes loose stones can be a problem, so ground reinforcement grids can be put down to help keep the stones in place.

Further, after the area is ready, our team will put down layers of compacted limestone, followed by gravel, and then the stone of any color you choose.



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Soft landscaping includes all kinds of planting. Hard landscaping includes all types of garden construction work. Both are the keys to the desired garden.


We also undertake commercial landscaping jobs in Cambridge.


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