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Garden Structures Cambridge

Water Features & Sculptures

Water gives life to a garden. Adding water to a garden, whether in the form of a formal pool or a natural pond, makes it more interesting.

We design all kinds of water features, from sleek black water features that reflect light to ponds for fish and other animals.

The sound of water can be used to good effect, either to help you relax or to hide sounds from outside that you don’t want to hear.

When we need to, we work with contractors who specialise in water features to get the best design.

Sculpture and garden decor are very individual. We know a lot of people, so we can find a sculpture for your garden, whether it’s an old stone statue or a new one.

Part of a design is putting new or old pieces in a garden. This can be a point of interest in the distance or a path through a garden.

Garden ornamentation is not just sculptures. This includes planters and screens that look nice. All of these can be used to make sculptures, and all of them look even better when lit in a dramatic way.

Garden Structures Cambridge:

Pergolas, arches, and other garden structures can add the finishing touch your garden needs.

Installation of a multi-purpose shed in Cambridge

Professional shed installation in Cambridge

You can do so much in a garden shed…

Clear away any junk from your outdoor area. Set up your tools. Do things you like, like for example carpentry. And there’s more! Sound good to you?

Then hire a professional shed installation team in Cambridge from us. We have sheds of all sizes that can be used for storage and other things. Do you want to start? don’t worry if you haven’t made up your mind yet. You will be sent a skilled technician who will help you figure out what you need.

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We’ve Got Garden Shed Expertise

 Trained experts can give you expert advice before, during, and after your service. How can you be sure that the person who installs your shed is qualified? Only hire us. We’ll send out a team of shed builders who have done good work in the past. Don’t forget that your opinion is very important to us. When you’re ready to build your garden structures, give us a call.

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Other Services


Landscaping Company specializing in residential landscaping.



Soft landscaping includes all kinds of planting. Hard landscaping includes all types of garden construction work. Both are the keys to the desired garden.


We also undertake commercial landscaping jobs in Cambridge.


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