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Landscaper Cambridge is a reliable, professional company, additionally with a good name to uphold. Ultimately, we have been in the business for over 10 years, as paving installers we can install any type of paving in Cambridge, whatever you desire.

Block Paving Cambridge

Therefore, block paving is an outdoor surface that can be used to make a traditional patio or walkway that is both useful and, consequently looks good. Therefore, it can also make it easy for you to move from inside to outside.

Paving installation Cambridge

Firstly, our goal is to make your paved driveway dreams come true. Therefore, when you work with us, your design options are almost endless. Moreover, we only hire people with years of experience and also use the best materials. Thus, with a prestigious block-paved driveway and patio, we can improve the look and value of your home, on a lower budget. Undeniably, there is a wide range of traditional and modern paving colours and patterns to choose from. Of course, we will also prepare the site as part of the full service. Above all, we can do Red or Black Hot Laid Tarmac, Slabbing, Crazy Paving, or Hot Laid Tarmac, as well as Blockwork and Graveling.

Further, we work closely with our customers to make sure they are happy and don’t have to worry about anything. Therefore, no job is too big or too small, and our expertise makes sure that every project is equally well-planned and finished as quickly, as possible.

We do the following steps during our paving projects in Cambridge:

Ground clearance: When we have marked the area, the experts will clear away any trash, old pavers or slabs, and plants. Moreover, if any work needs to be done to remove soil, it will be done at this stage.

Site preparation: Firstly, we will set up the site using levelling techniques that are used by professionals. The base needs to be firm and packed down, before building can commense.

Membrane installation: After that, a weed control membrane is laid down to keep weeds from growing between the slabs. When putting in the subbase, a layer of MOT-base is put on top of the fabric and pressed down to make sure the surface is completely flat.

Paving: Firstly, the experts in paving will put the slabs in place on a subbase that has been perfectly levelled. Then, after the pavement has had enough time to dry, the landscapers will wash it and get it ready for pointing. On completion, you can use your new driveway or patio.

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Block Paving, Tiles and Slabs in Cambridge


Undeniably, your home will look better and be worth more, as soon as you put in a new driveway. Therefore, our landscaping Contractors make sure that your driveway design is finished to your full satisfaction, every step of the way. Besides this, by giving you drawings and samples of materials, we can help you choose the design and colours that will look best with your house.


Cambridge Patio and drivewey installation

What is particularly involved in laying a patio and putting in a driveway, paving, and installing artificial grass?

Obviously, we’ll send a surveyor to your home with whom you can talk about your project and get advice. After that, you’ll get a price quote that doesn’t bind you to anything.



block paving - Cambridge Landscaper
Block paving - Landscaper Cambridge
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