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Soft Landscaping Cambridge

Garden Design, Garden Build and Garden Aftercare

Soft landscaping is a delicate art that requires both a creative eye for design and the skills of a professional groundskeeper. Therefore, the team at Landscaper Cambridge, offers soft landscaping services that are made to fit your needs, from custom planting plans to lawn care.

Landscaper Cambridge is a garden design and construction company in Cambridge. Our all-in-one package for designing and building a garden makes sure that your garden dreams can come true at a price you can afford.

Since more than ten years ago, Landscaper Cambridge has been designing and landscaping gardens in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire area. Thus, we are proud of the beautiful and high-quality residential landscapes we make.

Moreover, our goal is to make sure our clients are happy with the gardens we design and build for them. We do this by working hard, extensive know -how, and paying close attention to the details.

Soft Landscasping Cambridge

Services for design, build and taking care of gardens

Moreover, with our aftercare service, we can keep your garden in good shape after we’re done designing and building it. Thus, we want your garden to look just as lush and beautiful as it did when we finished landscaping it.

Residential and Commercial Cambridge Landscaping Company

Landscaper Cambridge is a landscaping and gardening company in Cambridge that works on its own. We are based in Cambridge and do work for both residential and business clients all over the city. Besides, we have built a good name for ourselves by being honest and dependable and by providing high-quality service at a good price. Of course, we are committed to meeting the needs of our clients, which are always changing. Therefore, we do this by keeping up with new gardening technology and giving our gardeners regular training. Moreover, we are sure that we are making the environment better for everyone in the long run.

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Soft Landscaping - Cambridgeshire

Moreover, with a passion and dedication like no one else, we design and build gardens and landscapes from start to finish. Our in-house team of designers, landscape architects, and landscapers work with a wide range of clients to come up with creative solutions and work that has received a lot of positive feedback.   

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Landscaping Company specializing in residential landscaping.



Soft landscaping includes all kinds of planting. Hard landscaping includes all types of garden construction work. Both are the keys to the desired garden.


We also undertake commercial landscaping jobs in Cambridge.


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