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Lawn turfing services Cambridge

Are you looking for a company that lays turf that you can trust and that will do a good job? A lawn needs to be laid the right way to make sure it stays healthy and lasts a long time. Thus, as experts in putting down turf, we know that preparation is the key to a beautiful lawn that will last for years. Therefore, we’ll think carefully about what kind of lawn is best for your needs and wants, such as whether a decorative, artificial, or hardy lawn is best. Moreover, after the grass has been planted, our team can take care of it and keep it in great shape all year long. 

Turf Laying Services Cambridge

Real & Artificial Grass

Our services for laying grass in Cambridge, can be used by the following:


  • Parks with offices and factories
  • National parks
  • Residential gardens
  • Retail parks
  • Schools
  • Residential Buildings 
  • Caravan sites
  • Housing developments
  • Fields for playing at school
  • Luxury homes and more
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Turf Installation & Laying Service in Cambridge:

Our Preparation Process – Natural turfing Cambridge by Landscaper Cambridge

When you hire us to lay turf, you’ll benefit from our thorough process for preparing the lawn, which helps us make a perfect lawn.

Firstly, we’ll take the time to make sure all the trash is gone. Once that’s done, the soil will be carefully turned and aerated. Then, if needed, our experienced turf installers add topsoil and pre-turf fertiliser. After all of this has been done well, the ground is raked to make sure it is completely level. Then, our turf installers will lay the turf in a random pattern and make sure the edges don’t overlap. Furthermore, by taking our time at each step, we can make a high-quality lawn that will last for a long time.

Thus, there’s nothing more satisfying than putting in a new lawn and seeing your garden change right away. Additionally, if you hire pros to do the turfing, you’ll get long-lasting results and a healthy, lush lawn.

Moreover, turfing is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to make your garden look instantly fresh.

In addition, meadow lawns are becoming more common, and you can add one to your garden. This is good for the animals, and the beautiful flowers make it look even better.

Artificial grass installation Cambridge

Are you thinking about putting in fake grass instead of real?

Artificial grass is the best option for people who want a lawn but don’t want to have to mow it every Sunday. Therefore, it’s good for people who don’t have time to take care of their lawns but still want to enjoy the lush green. Moreover, it is also great for kids and pets.

Why it’s better to have fake grass than real grass?

Even though our lawn laying services will make it easier for you to get and take care of a real lawn, we know that this may still seem like too much work for you.

However, if that’s the case, or if your yard is too shaded to grow anything, or if you just like the way it looks, we can also help you install fake grass.

Therefore, when you’re busy but still want to enjoy the look of greenery outside your window, astroturf is the best way to do it. Again, it is also a great place for families with kids and pets!

Commercial artificial grass installations

Because of the weather, the best time to put down fake grass in the UK is from May to September. Even though artificial grass Cambridge commercial installation is weatherproof and won’t be affected by the weather, installing it can be harder when it’s wet.

Therefore, artificial landscaping done by a business can withstand the weather and won’t hurt the natural world. But when it’s wet, it can be hard to put in place. We are a trusted brand of artificial grass fitters with many years of experience. Therefore we continue to work closely with top architects, landscaping companies, and contractors to supply and install the best commercial artificial grass.

Thus, we can do great work for businesses of all sizes, from small offices and reception areas to large commercial places.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding the time, doing the work, getting all the materials, and buying expensive tools and equipment that you may never use again. Let the pros do the hard work, and then enjoy the results.

Lawn laying service in Cambridge
Lawn turfing - Landscaper Cambridge
Turfing services Cambridge

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